Fire in the Field  

Ordering Fire in the Field

Call 1-866-463-6486 (toll free) to order a Web-ROM. You will be assigned to a DOF certified instructor who will complete your certification requirements.

The program can be purchased through ITM, by either a:
• Purchase order
• Credit card number

A Web-ROM with a unique registration number is provided for each student.

The price per student Web-ROM is $75.00
Shipping costs are as follows:

25+ Ship Free!
1-10 $6.50
11-24 $8.50
25+ FREE!

Following purchase of the Web-ROM(s), ITM will forward your information to the DOF instructor who would monitor your coursework, deliver your field training, and administer the final written exam. This DOF instructor will contact you with a timetable. Students must complete the entire program, including the study guide questions in order to be certified.

Upon completion students are carded with state wildland firefighter certification.

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Interactive Training Media, Inc. (ITM) developed the Fire in the Field 100 Distance Learning Web-ROM and associated materials for the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services’ Division of Forestry to provide basic wildland firefighter training with accountability in a distance-learning format.

This training is equivalent to the NWCG 1-100, S-130, and S-190 courses and meets the DOF requirements for the coursework component of basic wildland firefighter training. ITM holds the copyright for this course and is the sole source vendor for FIF 100 DL.

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Note: Each student taking the course must have his/her own Web-ROM with a registration number.



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