Fire in the Field  

Purchasing a Web-ROM
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Thank you for your interest in FIF100 DL!

This course provides the classroom portion of the basic wildland firefighter training courses (equivalent to NWCG I-100, S-190, and S-130) via distance learning–“anytime, anywhere”.

The course is delivered on a Web-ROM with a unique registration number for each student.

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Note: Each student taking the course must have his/her own Web-ROM with a registration number.

How it works

The course is administered through an accrediting agency who can complete the course by offering:

1. Field training
2. Administration of the final written exam
3. State wildland firefighter certification

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Agencies currently offering Fire in the Field Training:

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States with availability pending state licensing:

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If you do not see your state above, please contact us to be placed on a list for notification when the program becomes available in your state.


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