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       What We Do
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About Us
Mission Statement

Our company goal is simple and straightforward: to provide the best possible service to our clients and to produce high quality products.

     What We Do

ITM makes information understandable. We help our clients get their messages out to their target markets using a variety of technologies, from computer formats such as CD-ROMs and DVDs to onsite training programs to print materials to web-based learning. We use research-based instructional design principles to incorporate colorful graphics, animation, and interactivity to engage the learner for optimal learning.

Interactive Training Media (ITM) is an advanced multimedia developer creating training and professional development programs since 1994.

Our multimedia programs are known for being:

  • Highly interactive
  • Non-linear
  • Simple to navigate
  • Easy to use

Our programs have been highly successful because we use:

  • Nationally-known expert consultants
  • Case study methodology
  • Learner feedback and assessment
  • Database programming to track participants
  • Full-text reference materials
  • Internet connectivity for additional resources
     Corporate Leadership

Jim Gilpin
Owner and CEO
In 1971, Jim received a B.S. in Business Administration from Wright State University while working for Merck & Company in Dayton, OH.  Following a 30 year career with Merck in Sales and Marketing, Jim retired to Tallahassee, FL where he founded Interactive Training Media in 1994. 

Jim developed ITM’s primary goals, operating plans, policies, and short- and long-range objectives for the organization.  He directs activities to achieve profit and return on capital. He leads the organization towards objectives and reviews results of business operations. Jim creates action plans to meet needs of clients and represents ITM to financial communities, customers, government agencies, and the public.

     ITM Team Leaders

Mary Eichin
Senior Producer
Mary received her Masters in Instructional Systems Design from Florida State University and has worked with ITM since 1997, producing such programs as Wildfire Prevention, Forest Friends, and Living on the Edge as well as the MVP Series of professional development for teachersMary has also designed and produced interactive training packages for various clients such as the Florida Department of Transportation, VIRCO LABS, TAPPI, Dyslexia Research Institute, Kanapaha Gardens, Illinois Federation of Teachers, and Florida Health Care Education Center.

Joseph Bergevin
Senior Programmer
Since 1998, Joe has been working as lead programmer.  Prior to that, he worked at Illinois State University at computer user services and served as the sole programmer at the faculty technology support services during his pursuit of his B.A. in Public Relations.  Over the course of his programming career at ITM, he has coded dozens of CD-ROM titles, websites, and databases, maintained networks and hardware, provided technical support, built computer systems, and assisted in designing and researching new products.

Jesse Beleck
Senior Graphic Designer
After graduating magna cum laude in Studio Art from Florida State University, Jesse was a freelance graphic designer before coming to ITM in 2000.  She is responsible for designing multimedia interfaces, websites, coordinating print and presentation materials, marketing advertisements, and other assorted manuals, guides, and multimedia materials.  Jesse also works with vendors to find cost-effective solutions for company needs.

Mark Bauer
Senior Video Editor/Animator

While working at ITM since 2000, Mark received his B.S. in Fine Art from Florida State University in 2004.  His current job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, shooting and editing video content, 3D modeling, creating 3D and 2D animations, and recording and editing audio content.  Together with the Graphic Design team, they create “the look” of ITM. 




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