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Distance Learning
Keeps costs low while providing student accountability
ITM’s unique Learning Management System is a Distance Learning system that provides:

• Integrity of crucial content
• A powerful online database to track participant usage, progress, and learning achievements
• Quality, in-depth instruction with remote oversight by a certified online facilitator
• Flexible, remote training for cost savings and increased participation
• Reduced time and expense for both students and facilitators



Real-Time Tracking
Sample Progress ScreenInstructor/student interaction

  • Enhances and deepens understanding of course material
  • Fosters a sense of community and value
  • Promotes student responsibility for course content

A Powerful Database

  • Tracks all student interaction for certified instructors to remotely monitor participation and provide answers to questions.
  • Allows instructors to create detailed reports showing student participation and comprehension levels as well as total time spent.
  • Exports student data into Excel for easy integration with current systems.

Provides assurance all students have completed course assignments and are ready for the final exam and/or performance assessment.

Program Support and Updates
ITM offers complete technical support for all of our programs for both students and instructors via ITM’s website help page and a toll free number: 1-866-463-6486. ITM also provides technical updates as needed, as well as content updates as necessary for our programs to meet training standards.

Web-ROM Delivery
Web-ROM User IDA Web-ROM combines rich video with online network and database capabilities to deliver a robust multimedia experience, regardless of Internet connection.

Preserves Quality Instruction
Self-paced direction and quality, in-depth content maintain interest, while interactive quizzes and study guide questions provide feedback as preparation for a final exam.

Provides Powerful Tracking and Accountability
Each Web-ROM comes with a unique user ID participants enter during installation. This ID is the fingerprint that allows the database to track user activity.

The real time student tracking allows trainers to communicate with students and gauge learning.

See sample Web-ROM packaging at right.




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