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Fire in the Field

Features Include
Real-time tracking & communication created by a powerful database tracks student interaction for instructors to remotely monitor participation and respond to questions. Fire in the Field also allows certified instructors to create detailed reports showing student participation, time spent, and more.ReportsInstructor/student interaction

  • Promotes student responsibility for course content
  • Allows trainers to communicate with students and gauge learning.
  • Provides assurance all students have completed assignments and are ready for final assessments.

Web-ROM Program Delivery Web_ROM IDthat combines rich video with online and database capabilities to deliver a robust multimedia experience, regardless of Internet connection.

Quality instruction is delivered with self-paced direction and quality, in-depth content maintain interest, while quizzes and study guide questions provide feedback.

Tracking & Accountability are achieved due to the Web-ROM unique user ID participants enter during installation. This ID is the fingerprint that allows the database to track user activity.

Effective Classroom Management
Fire in the Field 200

Fire in the Field RX Burn- Coming Soon!

Prescribed Burn Courseware for Landowners and Agency Personnel that covers prescribed burn uses, techniques, and safety.

Meeting the Reading Challenge
Reading Series

Equivalent to NWCG S-131, S-231, S-133 & Skills Crosswalk G-131. LEARN MORE>


Meeting the Reading Challenge
CD-ROM Effective Classroom Management

Equivalent to NWCG I-100, S-190, S-130, l-180 & Skills Crosswalk G-130. LEARN MORE>

Effective Classroom Management

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