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Wildfire Prevention Online

SamplesThe Wildfire Prevention Online Educational Program is part of an initiative to help protect our forest resources through education and information about wildfire, wildfire prevention, and forest management. While the primary audience is middle elementary students, the Wildfire Prevention Online Program can also be used to inform all children and adults about:

  • Good and bad fires
  • The Benefits of prescribed fires in wildland areas
  • How to prevent dangerous wildfires

About this program
Students will enjoy learning about:

  • The importance of forest ecosystems
  • How to protect homes from disastrous wildfire
  • How to properly build and extinguish a campfire
  • How fire inclusion and exclusion affect forests

Click Here to Explore the Forest with Rocco!

Features Include

  • Online Videos and Demonstrations with FUN Student Activities
  • Detailed lesson plans correlated to State Standards
  • Student assessments, enhancement activities, and family participation ideas

Use in the Classroom
This program includes a teacher guide that helps the educator use the online program to teach concepts such as

  • How fire is created
  • What forest ecosystems need to survive
  • Good fire versus bad fire
  • The effects of wildland fire
  • Preventing wildfire
  • The benefits of prescribed fire
  • How prescribed burns are conducted
  • How to protect homes near the forest from wildfire damage
  • How to appropriately extinguish a campfire

Effective Classroom Management
Main Menu

A Fun way for students to learn!
Students login in with first name, zip code, age, and grade and take a 10-question multiple-choice pretest before they begin.    Scores can be saved and/or printed. 

Students navigate to each section of the "forest" to watch videos and play interactive learning games.   When students logout at the end, they take a post test to see what they have learned!

Click Here to Explore the Forest with Rocco!
Other Formats

A CD-ROM version of this program is also available. This version has been produced and implemented by many states, including: Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. Click here to learn more about the CD-ROM version of this program.


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